My name is Sebastian Östlund and I read, write, study, and teach. I have a background in both practical philosophy and theoretical philosophy. I also have experience teaching undergraduates and graduate students in these subjects. The teaching mainly relates to ethics (normative and applied), environmental and animal ethics, the philosophy of science, and political philosophy. For more information, follow this link.

My current interests revolve around questions in the intersection of axiology and political philosophy. I am primarily interested in the value-space of well-being as it is analysed in the capability approach framework. Other research topics involve conversion factors, homelessness, and social justice. A selection of my presentations can be found here.

Here is some freshly published work on context-sensitive well-being standards and policy-applications.

Here is a recently co-authored book chapter about what real freedom means in the context of equality of opportunity.

Here is some of my recent research into addiction.

Here is some of my research about homelessness, disadvantage, and ill-being.

Here is some of my research about integrating democratic and philosophical considerations in urgent well-being policy-making.